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The Renewable Technologies Corporation (RTC) ( is an alternative energy services company founded in 2007, and serves as a wholly owned subsidiary of CTG Power Systems International, Inc. (CTG-PSI). RTC's corporate offices are located in Auburn, Alabama and established as an auxiliary business unit to support and augment CTG-PSI's global power generation equipment, engineering, project management and utility services parent corporation.

Our company offers an excellent solution set corresponding to the emerging need for the delivery of specialized project management, equipment and financing services in the alternative energy sector. We are experienced and capable of providing a multitude of essential early stage technical advisory services focused on pre-engineering, setting an order of magnitude and budget for equipment procurement, review of financing alternatives, feasibility and project management planning.

RTC is a professional energy services and consulting company helping you contain costs in the early stages of any "waste-to-energy" or cogeneration power project. Feasibility and pre-engineering, and critical analysis in the early going can save a great deal of money and time down the road.

RTC is flexible and very competitive. We usually administer most projects on a turnkey basis and provide access to project and equipment financing provided through CTG Capital Partners, LLC bringing together a comprehensive menu of services enhancing the prospect of early success for a well-defined biomass projects anywhere in the world.

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RTC's biomass energy expertise covers a diverse range of comprehensive services ranging from strategic planning to concept to implementation, and from feasibility studies and risk assessment to the development of new business concepts in the clean energy arena. Our area of core competence focus on renewable energy initiatives, biomass distributed generation, energy efficiency with an energy savings focus and combined heat and power ("CHP") or cogeneration power production.

We provide our clients with fundamental and commercial advice on all phases of Biomass power plant development, procurement and implementation. We assess different technological options and have the tools and resources to calculate how electricity and fuel prices, load profiles, transmission and selling tariff, and subsidies affect the techno-economic profitability of small-scale biomass electricity production. We also have in-house developed tools to optimize and control the use of on-site CHP plants, and to assess the feasibility of CHP investments.

We help our clients to explore business opportunities and develop new business concepts, with sound financial planning especially for renewable energy and energy efficiency. We have a strong competence in project feasibility studies and providing owner's engineering.


RTC's services help our energy-sector clients to take into account the requirements of economy, technology and environmental protection. RTC helps energy companies to improve their business performance by assessing the risk of their energy supply and distribution, and the risk of their CHP production. Our services also help our clients to analyze and understand the implications of their investments: We provide analysis on the productivity, return of investments, earnings, and operational efficiency of their future plans and opportunities. Feasibility studies by RTC help organizations to estimate the techno-economic profitability of plant investment plans, and the reduction potential of greenhouse gas emissions.

Our services also assist our clients to make use of new energy technologies, and seize new business opportunities in the emerging clean eco-energy sector. Biomass is the forerunner in alternative energy solutions and in all of our future. Allow RTC the opportunity to help you make your concepts a reality. Click Here -> to Download the Biomass/Cogeneration Project Planning Questionnaire (return it to us by Fax (334) 539-1710 or email scan at your earliest convenience) or simply Contact us today at: 334.539.1700 or

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